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Wilson’s heart Instagram escape room

The Wilson’s Heart Instagram Escape Room was designed to encourage people to interact with the brand through their Instagram account in order to win an Oculus Rift and Touch.


The challenge was composed of 15 squares, each having a clue that was either, a picture, or video that revealed a secret message.


I was responsible for image creation, game capture, footage edits, and creating the gifs, as well as creating sound FX for each video.


Link to the first image of Wilson's Heart Instagram activation


 On the Marvel Powers United VR game,  I was the creative lead for content generation, for the social media presence of a AAA game, and was directly involved in the creation of all of the assets for social media on both Instagram and Facebook.


Primarily, I was creating gifs of gameplay from each of the characters. For the still images,  I selected representative hero poses, and designed different variations of the original key art for both Facebook and Instagram.


There was a lot more content I did with Marvel that I would like to share from this campaign, but they haven’t been released yet.

Captain Marvel Facebook Link

Hulk Transform Facebook Link

Hulk Smash Facebook Link


For the Lone Echo Instagram Activation/Launch Campaign, my team and I decided to change up the UI/UX for the Instagram Challenge, and this time rewarded players for their timing, as well as clue finding.

I did the majority of the game capture for this Activation.  We created visually interesting content that would help portray what the game looked like when it was played. Additionally, we engaged the viewer by challenging them to take timed screenshots on the clues to win an Oculus Rift + Touch.

Lone Echo Instagram activation link

Wilson's Heart Game launch

In this video I edited footage and added effects to give a quick glimpse of the game, and added subtle details, such as the claws crawling out of the lenses of the Oculus, at the end of the ad.


This was apart of the initial Wilson’s Heart release campaign. It is still the highest performing post on Oculus’s channel, with currently 2.1 million views

Link to Wilson's Heart Claws Video

This poll image shows one of the promotions I made for the initial launch of Wilson’s Heart release campaign.


The poll promoted awareness of the game characters, and engaged viewers in a fun poll, to determine which character was most frightening.


This was my first, and is one of my favorite  Facebook poll posts for Oculus Rift.

Link to Wilson's Heart Poll

Link to Facebook post

Nike InstaGram Campaigns


Lone Echo and Echo Arena’s main goal was to help the player feel or get a sense of zero gravity. I tried to keep that theme present in all of the images I made.

Lone Echo Cover photo post

I made a gif of this moment in Lone Echo, because it was similar to the movie trailer for Gravity when  all the floating debris flies across the screen.

Lone Echo Gif Post

Organic/ Live Stream content

I created this image to promote the Unspoken Tournament finals held at Microsoft stores across the nation.


It is composed of 4 separate key art images of primary classes in the game.

Link to Coffee Day Facebook Post

ORGANIC content - keeping social media fresh

This composite image showing characters from three different games, and was a focused effort to encourage interaction with users who currently owned an Oculus.

I created a Facebook interactive challenge based on associating key characters to the various Oculus games.  Other ideas included a scavenger hunt in the ‘Where’s Waldo’ theme.

Link to Oculus Robots Facebook Post