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VR Tech Landscape 2017 Q4

Social Creative Landscape

JBL: Destructively powerful Sound

Gorilla Tape: Fix anything

VR Tech Landscape 2017 Q4

The Current State for Virtual Reality is not exactly where people were expecting it to be, sales wise, however as predicted by a lot of tech analysts, 2018 looks to me like VR will become more main stream, with VR having a lower cost of entry barrier, we will soon be seeing more content as well as the hopeful "killer app" right around the corner.


This is my VR tech landscape deck, I made it to help my team members better understand the competition as well as to help make insights to try and predict strengths and weaknesses of the products, and use that to help build a stronger more attractive foundation for our product in the market place.

Link to VR tech Landscape 2017 Q4 Deck

Social Creative Landscape


Social Media is the best way to directly communicate and notify a brand's community. Like a typical profile of an individual on social media, brands show their personality using social media, through the content of the posts.


I was also tasked with going through our competitor's social media channel,  and identifying how and what they were doing to successfully engage with their community. and provide insights into what the gaming community liked as well what peaked their interest the most.

Social Creative Landscape Deck Link

JBL Destructively powerful Sound

Music and audio production has always been a passion of mine, so when at school I decided to create a mini project/ campain

JBL's goal is to provide quality audio to the mass market. With the competition's growing focus on celebrity endorsements, and less on the experience of listening, JBL can promote their distinction of creating both  loud  and quality systems that are designed to rock stadiums, but available to regular consumers.


 Since people like to play their music loud, why not show them that JBL has the power to not only blow your mind, but blow up everything near by!  This campaign was designed to have many "legs" and include advertising content to be displayed in various commercials, internet banner ads, as well as, an App that can be downloaded to tell  which songs on the client's playlist has the most "destructive blow up" power.

Gorilla Tape:

Fix ANything

Gorilla Tape is so effective it can be used to fix practically anything...which is why my advertisement concept  shows famously broken icons "fixed" with Gorilla Tape.This campaign was designed to be used with an integration of Snapchat, or Instagram, and integrate the Monument Augmented reality Image recognition concept. With this technology, implemented when people went take selfies, or pictures, with these famous monuments, like the Sphinx, Liberty Bell, or the Statue of Venus, using the image recognition software the  famous monuments would have a Gorilla Tape "fixed" version.